New, The Pure Forrest Collection

Purrfect for Winter, Pure & Powerful Ingredients

Each new product contains a distinct blend of three of nature's most potent ingredients: Snow Mushroom, Birch Water and Reishi Mushroom working in harmony to soothe, detoxify and repair. The grounding force of elements from the forrest calms and eliminates daily stress. The result> A pure and glowing complexion!

Valentine's Day Offering

Because Olivia, the spa owner and operator, will be in New Zealand for Valentine's Day, please check out the Shop page for Gift Certificate(s) and Indulge your sweetie(s) in remarkable, nurturing care with any one of  the regular spa offerings or choose a special Valentine Package. 

Birthday Bump Up!

Be sure to present ID if you come in for your birthday, because you will receive a free Add On to any treatment you purchase, or if you purchase a Birthday Gift Certificate for someone special  they wil receive a free Add On! Its a $20 value!

Spa On Hold!

The spa will be closed January 23rd to February 26. Apologies for any incovienence this may cause you, but it is a once in a life time opportunity for Olivia to spend time in New Zealand. She will return refreshed and inspired, ready to continue  offering the best holistic spa treatments in Hilo!


                                                                                   CIAO BELLA!

Why A Body Wrap?

Improve Circulation-Dry brushing and sugar scrubbing stimulates your blood flow, sending more oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

Stimulate The Lymph System-Help purify and detoxify your body's Janitorial system.

Releases Serotonin-Boost your sense of well being and self empowerment.

Promote Cell Regenertion-Exfoliate away dead skin and make room for your new skin to shine!