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Spa On Hold

Coronavirus is here and so the Spa is closed, until further notice, in order to reduce contamination and infection.  However, Eminence Organic Skincare products are still  available by delivery .  If you would like to keep up your skin health at home Please call Olivia for more information (808) 217-2202  Gift Certificates are available here on the website menu under shop, for when we reopen. Hopefully, sooner than later!

BTW Birthday Bump Up!

Be sure to present ID if you come in for your birthday, because you will receive a free Add On to any treatment you purchase, or if you purchase a Birthday Gift Certificate for someone special  they wil receive a free Add On! Its a $20 value!


                                                                                   CIAO BELLA!

Why A Body Wrap?

Improve Circulation-Dry brushing and sugar scrubbing stimulates your blood flow, sending more oxygen and nutrients to your cells.

Stimulate The Lymph System-Help purify and detoxify your body's Janitorial system.

Releases Serotonin-Boost your sense of well being and self empowerment.

Promote Cell Regenertion-Exfoliate away dead skin and make room for your new skin to shine!