Spa Packages


Pain Reliever 90min/$90

Detox inflammation and stagnation, while supporting rejuvenation with a Far Infra-Red Sauna followed by a relaxing Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatment.  

Turn Back Time 3hours/$150

Roll back the odometer with the transformative attributes of a Far Infra-Red Sauna, a Paradissimo Facial and a Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatment. These services combined are sure to keep you running like new!

Be Well 3.5hrs/$175

The focus here is on improving your health with a detoxing Far Infra-Red Sauna and Body Wrap, followed by a Paradissimo Facial.  These three services, experienced together, will have you feeling healthy inside and out!

Bliss 5hrs/$250

You will know bliss from this spa combination that includes a detoxing Far Infra-Red Sauna & Body Wrap, a Mamona Facial and Jin Shin Jyutsu. Come spend the day melting away stress and stuckness. OMmmmm

Create Your Own Package

 If there is a combination of services that you would like to create, please feel free to ask.  The spa is here to support you and your wellness goals. So please don't be shy, go ahead and try!

Spa Get Together

Want to share spa time with someone? Lets create a selection of services that work together...