Body Care Selections


Jin Shin Jyutsu 60min/$65

This ancient Japanese art reduces mental, emotional & physical tension by unburdening, supporting and energizing the way breath, mana, chi, etc flows through the body. It is performed by "jumper cabling" pressure points along meridians through which vital life energy flows.  Recipients may experience profound release with gurgling, tingling, laughing, crying, painlessness, deep sleep, etc.  It is good for anything that ails ya!

Fabulous Feet 60min/$65

Finally, spend a whole hour of pampering on your hard working feet.  This service provides a half hour detox foot bath, a polishing, exfoliating foot scrub, a hydrating masque, massage, hot towels and a parafin dip. Experience foot bliss without toxic nail polish odor. 

Far Infra-Red Sauna 60min/$35

This state of the art technology provides subtle, but deep penetrating heat that reduces tension, joint & muscle pain, while stimulating detoxifiction and rejuvenation of the body.  Research reports that 20min in a FIR sauna burns 600 calories and produces sweat containing %75 lymphatic debris!  Service comes with a shower and a body scrub to leave you feeling fantastic!

Body Glow 60min/$65

Put tone and vitality back in your skin with full body dry brushing, followed by a rub-a-dub exfoliation with Eminence Sugar Scrub and hot towel wipe down. Finish with a shower and Eminence body lotion to leave you truly glowing. 

Body Wrap 90min/$90

This sensational experience wil leave you feeling absolutely revitalized.  It begins with  the Sugar Glow service, followed by being slathered in results oriented body wrap ingredients by Eminence Organic Skincare, then swadled, like a chrysalis, in thin blankets and given time to detox, hydrate and transform your being.  Last, is a shower and fabulous body lotion. Then Fly away!

Add On $20/per

Eminence Herbal Cellulite Treatment, Hot Stones and Aromatherapy